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Water Mitigation

Fire Smoke & Odors 


Why use us? 

Our Mission

We enjoy helping our customers, and giving back to our community. We take pride in treating each of our customers with compassion through a challenging time. We aren't the average restoration company. It's about Quality of projects not the Quantity.

Our Goal

We will restore your property after being damaged by water, fire or mold.  Our goal is to minimize any of the business interruptions or personal life inconveniences.

We do all we can to preserve the items effected when possible.


We are experienced, not only in emergency property damage restoration, but also in working with insurance carriers.

We will help your through each step of the way.Always providing you with the details and educating you on your project.


The right people, with the right training, the right equipment, the right choice for all your restoration needs  - from start to finish.


Jerry genuinely cares about his customers and always goes above and beyond to help any way he can. Water Fire Mold was recommended to us by local professionals; we had a serious bloom of mold emanating from our cellar which spread throughout our home. Jerry, Mary Lee and their fantastic team cleaned from floor to ceiling- every painting, every antique and every framed photograph. They were tireless workers, personable, incredibly able, wonderfully canny and as friendly as one’s best neighbors. We were beside ourselves with our mold problem but Water Fire Mold allowed us to take a deep breath- literally and figuratively. Their cost was reasonable, and we give them the best rating one ever could. Who could choose anyone else?"SATISFIED CUSTOMER"

Recently had Jerry and his crew at my house for mold remediation. Jerry was extremely personable, knowledgeable, thorough and affordable. If you need a company to do any water, fire or mold damage, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a call. Thank you again Jerry, couldn’t of had a better experience with your crew! "SATISFIED CUSTOMER"

Jerry was so great and came out and got the job done fast. He went above and beyond! Made me feel comfortable at a not so comfortable time."SATISFIED CUSTOMER"

WFM came to our house for a soot problem. I cannot Express enough how grateful I am. They took the time to explain everything step by step. Very thorough and a great bunch of people. Now I can finally get the painting done I started! "SATISFIED CUSTOMER"

When I woke up to it raining in my kitchen because a pipe burst upstairs. I didn’t know what to do. I had never been in that position before. I grabbed a few towels and laughed. I needed professional help. I called WFM, Jerry and team were at my place ASAP on a SUNDAY MORNING. Talk about scrambling the team! Jerry introduced himself, his team, and they got into it. Reviewing the damage, what machines were needed, a PLAN of ACTION. Jerry went over everything with me step by step and any questions I had were answered 100%. They performed all required work and endured long days to ensure my house was dry. (Sorry about the mouse nest) To this day Jerry and team still follow up with me and how everything is going...How they can help...any questions? Etc etc. Thats true customer service As someone who worked in retail for 9+ years, I know what exceptional customer service sounds, looks and feels like. WFM embodies this quality. Truly recommending these guys! "SATISFIED CUSTOMER"

I want to thank Jerry, and the team at Water,Fire & Mold for their amazing service . Their attention to detail to my mold problem was incredible. They scoured my entire house from top to bottom like it was an operating room. They treat you like family and genuinely care about you as a client going over and above the call of duty, unlike the previous company that did not properly handle my water /mold damage correctly. Jerry also worked with me when the cost exceeded my insurance coverage. Thanks to them I am now feeling a lot better. I can't say enough about what a great company they are."SATISFIED CUSTOMER"


We treat our customers like family

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